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Originally Posted by felice2011 View Post
Use these settings, "-hh -x5" for wav files.
Try its use "-hh -x6" (not "-h -x5"!) its probably best compression ratio. WavPack v4.80.0 its minimally faster and better comp. rate compare to v5.3.0 release. (The finish build support from WinXP! 5.4.0 its dropped support.)

Testing my day in few hours, these big 2 hours lenght vhs-audio tracks compression.

Source: ESB.wav (orig file: MP2/224kbps/48kHz, old 2h length vhs audio transcoded to 16bit WAV file.)

Size: 1 380 802 638 byte

Comp. sizes with WavPack 5.3.0 x86:

compare: FLAC, (use LibFLAC 1.3.1) with -5 comp. switch: 369 547 248 byte)

-h: 365 706 748 byte (114.72s)
-h -x1: 362 673 094 byte (161.70s)

-hh -x1: 360 268 386 byte (217.08s)
-hh -x2: 359 867 010 byte (356.16s)
-hh -x3: 359 888 742 byte (716.14s)
-hh -x4: 356 520 814 byte (2838.94s)
-hh -x5: wait results.
-hh -x6: wait...
Carldric/ChronoCross posted packages testing in next times via two games: MSTS with pure WAV's and probably compress SCPT game *.LS0 files only.

Originally Posted by rayated View Post
btw whats the unpackcmd?
What if I use hybrid?
Tested the Hybrid mode with the huge file. Its *.wv compressed file only smaller than lossless copy. Use ("-bn -c" switches) and added *.vvc restoration file its *.wv files during compression. This *.wv+vvc packages biggest than losslessly compressed *.wv fille only!

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