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Originally Posted by Carldric Clement View Post
hmm... Wavpack was really perfect lossless about it.
As the Msc... it is totally lossless

one drawback of ur method i can see is that it works for masks only, meaning any wavs that is embedded in an archive, it will not gonna work. similarly game developers and our gaming rigs are now wealthy enough to use files with more complexity for example mp3 and handle them perfectly, i saw tons of mp3s embedded in game archives nowadays.So i see more scope of discussion over mp3 compression rather then on wav.

bt the case of MSC is different means it doesn't go for masks bt for the headers, it scans whole things first meaning the data u asked arc to compress, make a log of what it found and then extract things one by one and process it with "special" compressors, put it back in another archive.

about the msc_frog and msc_tak, actually MSC provide choice between two compressors for compression of wav files i.e Frog and Tak, frog provides somewhat better compression then tak on the cost of speed, I divided MSC on these basis in MSC_frog and MSC_TAk in Masked Compression v2.5.1 for the sake of decompression as they requires different versions of cls for decompression.

Conclusion : i think masks compression doesn't a go for compression lovers, doing things manually will yields u much better results. means scanning each file manually with dragon unpacker or something like that, extracting file, processing things with "special" compressors or simply u can use MSC, it has also a compressor for mp3 and for wav as well. Even the MSC itself has the feature of extracting things that can be processed with "special" compressors, but the injection feature didn't work for me.

Pls correct me if u thing i got wrong somewhere or my whole thinking is creepy s***.

Best regards,
Prince Gupta

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