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I know we aren't supposed to post replies - go ahead and clip this if you like, and add it back in to the appropriate post.

NEO 2.5 DVD Backup with GameShark2 / Action Gamer2

There's a little confusion about how this works. I figured it out today, and thought I'd share.

The Neo2.5 is MOSTLY for v5 PS2's. At the time I purchased my v5 PS2, and my Neo2.5, the current GameShark revision was 2.02 - this is where the troubles begin.

If you have a version 2.2 or higher GS2/AR2, booting a copied DVD is easy - just fire up the GameShark/modchip in DVD mode (both lights blinking), swap in a big ol' CD (such as GTA3 or FFX), and when you pick "start game" it'll let you swap in your copy. Easy!

BUT if you have a version 2.0x or 2.1 GS2/AR2, you fall into a little black hole in the backup Universe. You have to... *ahem* overload the GameShark.

Please assume, for the rest of this document, that I'm referring to either the GameShark2 or the Action Replay2 when I say GS, ok?

Here's what you do:

1. Put in the GS CD. Power up the PS2 in DVD mode (both green AND blue lights flashing).

2. When the disc ejects, insert a big ol' disc, such as GTA3 or FFX (FFX is only 4.29GB, whereas GTA3 is 4.37... but 99% of games are smaller anyway!).

3. The screen will change to a picture of a controller. The reset light will go red. Wait until the reset light goes green again (5-10 seconds while the disc is recognized), then back up a screen (using O).

4. If you have already done step 5, you may simply select the "tweaked" game you have already set up, and proceed to step 6.

5a. You need to "tweak" a game. The trick here is to overload the GS with too many codes, thus forcing it to eject the game disc in a parked state. Pick a game with a lot of codes. In this example I will use "Dark Cloud".

5b. Select "GameShark Codes", and choose that game, using X to select which codes to use. Turn on the first 65 codes. 65 may or may not be enough, depending on your exact version of GS and PS.

5c. When the codes are selected, hit O to return to the game list, then hit "Start". Choose to start WITH CODES. Try pressing X to start the game, and select which of the following happens to you:

- The system hangs (the little checkerboard pattern behind the words stops moving). In this case, you've picked too many codes. Try removing a few. Start over from step 1.

- The system does not hang, but X does not start the game. You haven't picked enough codes. Try adding a few. Back up with O, and start from the beginning of step 5.

- The game starts when you press X, but the disc ejects SPINNING. In this case, you have too few codes and the game is actually trying to use those codes. Start from step 1, add 5 or 10 codes.

- The game starts when you press X, and the disc ejects STOPPED. Bingo, you win! Proceed to step 6.

6. Slap in the copied disc, and enjoy!


Q. Do I have to use "Dark Cloud"?

A. No, any game with lots of codes will work. However, the old suggested game (Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX) was not as easy for me to tweak. My GS version is 2.02, your mileage may vary. Dave Mirra seems to work for OLDER Game Sharks, not the 2.0x and 2.1x versions.


Q. After I reboot the PS2, I see lots of blank spaces and or garbage names before the beginning of the game list.

A. This is normal. You have, after all, overloaded your Game Shark. If someone knows a way to avoid this, I'm all ears. But we don't really use our Game Sharks to "enhance" our games, now DO WE? (*grin*)


Q. I can't seem to find a good medium. n codes is too few and n+1 locks the system. What do I do?

A. Choose a different game. The amount of codes needed to overload the GS2 varies. My GS2 has never been tampered with. I have never used it for anything other than booting backups, never added any codes, and never fiddled with the settings. Therefore I have a specific amount of space available. On my machine 80 codes for Dark Cloud was the right number. You may need more, or less. Or you may need to choose a different game. Version 2.1x GS2's, I am told, only need about 65 codes for Dark Cloud to get overloaded. This is because they come with more games pre-loaded, I suspect.


Q. Why did you post this?

A. Everyone keeps asking about this. Not "everyone" of course, but I've seen a dozen messages in various forums. It took me a few hours of fiddling to figure this out, and I figured I'd save someone the time.


Q. Do you care if we cut this out and put it in with the other Neo 2.5 information when we add that?

A. Not at all. I'd appreciate a quick mention though, and if you need any more information, I'll be happy to provide it.


Q. How can we contact you?

A. [email protected] is both my e-mail and my MSN. Of course remove the "NOSPAM".


Q. Do you have any pirated games?

A. No.


Q. Can you tell me where to get pirated games?

A. No.



A. "Need"? Is someone standing there with a gun to your head saying "gimme pirated games or you get capped"? No? Then you don't NEED pirated games. COPE.


Q. Why provide this information if you don't pirate games?

A. I make backups. I have a toddler. He eats things. Things like CD's, and power cords, and PS2 controllers. My originals are tucked away in a safe place, thank you. I only had to lose one before I wised up.


Q. Can I...

A. NO.


Q. How about...?

A. Look, call 1-800-NO-COPYS, and ask THEM, ok?


Q. You have a bad attitude, you know that?

A. Yup. Now bite me.

- Gurm