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Apple Mod Chip

NOTE: It is assumed that your machine is in the Standby mode, ie machine is not switched on.

Playstation 2 games

•Press EJECT button to switch on the machine.
•Insert PS2 game in tray, then press EJECT button to close tray.
•Once the tray closes fully, press/tap the RESET button once to load game.

DVD movies

•Press EJECT button to switch on the machine.
•Once the browser/system config screen shows. Select and go into browser.
•Insert DVD movie in tray, then press EJECT button to close tray.
•If the disc is not detected within 3-5 seconds. Press EJECT button to open tray. Once the tray opens fully, press EJECT button again to close tray. The disc should be recognise at least by the second time.

Playstation 1 games

•Press EJECT button to switch on the machine.
•Insert PSX game in tray, then press and hold RESET button to switch off machine.
•Now hold the RESET button to start up your machine. Only release the RESET button once you see the first power on screen on your TV. ie hold RESET button for like 4-5 seconds
•Your PSX game should now boot. (If it shows the PSX game as an audio cd. This means that you didn't hold the RESET button long enough.)

Matrix 2 Mod Chip

NOTE: This is with the disk assumed in the tray and the tray closed:

Playstation 2 games

•Power up normally from STANDBY with RESET button. A single tap of the reset button is required.

Playstation 1 games & DVD Movies

•Power up from STANDBY with RESET button held until the blue EJECT light comes on.
•Then release RESET and the disk will boot.

NOTE: Turn off the PS2 (to standby) before changing Modes (PS1/PS2/DVD)
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