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unravel 1+2

unravel 1 final size 2.04gb
3.17gb to 4.68gb using munravel1 -c64mb without --dedup
then srep+lolz from 4.68gb to 2.04gb nothing rip include trial exe
srep:m3f:d1g:a2+lolz:mt4:mtt1:d128:fba4096:mc1023: pc4:gm20:dtb1:x2

unravel 2 final size 3.5gb
6.76gb to 10.1gb using munravel2 -c32mb without --dedup
then srep+lolz from 10.1gb to 3.5gb...
srep:m3f:d1g:a2+lolz:mt4:mtt1:d128:fba4096:mc1023: pc4:gm20:dtb1:x2

using razor unravel_R1.7z with xtool 0.3.18

*note you can improve ratio by using mt0 and increase d but super slow...

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