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For ShortCuts To show "icon" (the one which was used for installer),edit [icons] section in the windowsPhone.iss file

Name: {commondesktop}\{#E1[62]}; Filename: {app}\{#E1[60]}\{#E1[61]}; WorkingDir: {app}\{#E1[60]}; Check: CreateDesktopShortcuts;
Name: {commondesktop}\{#E1[62]}; Filename: {app}\{#E1[60]}\{#E1[61]}; IconFileName: "{src}\Icon.ico"; WorkingDir: {app}\{#E1[60]}; Check: CreateDesktopShortcuts;
Or if you mean it doesn't bear the exact location of the Designated executable.Then edit the [execs] section

;Tile Caption|Exec Directory|Exec File|Shortcut Name/Action Name
AppExe1=ME||GRW.exe|Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands
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