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Originally Posted by Masquerade View Post

I've hbeen having issues with both MTX.exe and RazorX trying to compress a few files, leading to an FreeArc error at 99.1% in both tools (bad file descriptor error).

I use srep before running. Will this cause issues during decompression? I've never encountered that before. I'm currently testing that myself. Arc says decompression error in razorx/mtx though, and not srep
ok, more info please.

how many threads did you use? (for the compression and the decompression)
did you run this test on the same cpu?

in general, MTX returns errors because the number of threads doesn't match.
I mean for example, MTX can't control this situation if you use 8 threads for compression and 16 threads for decompression. this's because the number of threads for decompression should always be less than or equal to the number of threads you used in compression.
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