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Originally Posted by panker1992 View Post
I talked to you about preflate quite some time ago
talking to me about it isn't the same as implementing it


here's the xtool with reflate support.

I'll once again explain what's the difference. There are 3 deflate precompressors in xtool: zlib, reflate and preflate.

The old xtool/ztool/pzlib all had zlib+reflate but they had so many errors so I added preflate as an alternative if you have issues when you use reflate.

There are other things to this of course. I added all 3 because sometimes one has an advantage such as speed or better size output. Which is up to you to pick.

reflate cannot be used at the same time as preflate or the other way round.

but zlib can be used with reflate or preflate (pick one) like this -mzlib+reflate or -mzlib+preflate

here are my results on games that use the "normal" deflate configuration

using -mzlib:
Compressed 1 file, 1,138,892,800 => 2,611,771,763 bytes. Ratio 229.33%
Compression time: cpu 1.34 sec/real 55.54 sec = 2%. Speed 20.51 mB/s
using -mreflate:
Compressed 1 file, 1,138,892,800 => 2,613,343,052 bytes. Ratio 229.46%
Compression time: cpu 1.28 sec/real 86.86 sec = 1%. Speed 13.11 mB/s
using -mpreflate
Compressed 1 file, 1,138,892,800 => 2,613,650,264 bytes. Ratio 229.49%
Compression time: cpu 1.34 sec/real 90.68 sec = 1%. Speed 12.56 mB/s
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