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Originally Posted by devil777 View Post
First of all dude...
Srep mean super reflate , it preprocesses the data for the final tool or finishing one.
Lolz or lzma is a finishing tool (use anyone of them)
And the compression method is like

Precom (like Precom or ztool or xtool)+srep+Lzma(or lolz)

I'm not a special or expert in doing ultraarc thing..

But give it a try using Precom+srep+lolz or lzma

And in arc.ini of unpacking time, if u use cls-srep.dll with .exe (cls one not like srep.exe) u won't have to add any unpacking parameter but surely do use parameters of other tools (lolz either don't require unpack parameter)

#as well as you'll have to add the tools in unpacking section of the setup.exe ( you won't have to change any installer)

Mr.Razor's this post might help you
Okay, thanks for the definitions and usages of SREP/LOLZ.
Tried Precom+Srep+Lzma and I still get an unarc.dll error, oh well. Might just have to stick to normal FreeARC and deal with the little compression I get.
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