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Originally Posted by ahmedwaill View Post
5.5.1 Enhanced Edition build 121002
i managed to make it write the value i want but i have to calculate it myself so i write the exact value in bytes so it's not about having the maximum size 2GB, you can write whatever you want ...
but the values can't be auto calculated i guess for some reason, and i guess that it needs to be type Longint, not only Int ...
1. The easiest way is not to go through UninstallDisplaySize, by default Inno setup write the value by calculating the weight of the files. (I do not know if it supports 2GB + or 4GB +)
2. The safest way is to create a small program or dll that writes the size of the game in the registry at the end.

Like this:
if bAllOK then
Regedit path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall \ GAMENAME_is1


The size is stored in a DWORD value (32BITS), but it is expressed in KB, so we can store values ​​up to 3.99TB
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