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Originally Posted by ahmedwaill View Post
well i get this error when i use it

EDIT: well it's cuz of the size i made for it 2048, but idk why it's maximum 2GB , and i managed to do it 5.6GB in the FMX Project by Razor , but when i made in the script.iss
and in the wpi1801.engine that's included inside the script.iss
#define Size2 ReadIni(SourcePath	+ "\script.iss", "App", "Size2", "0")
and it worked like that as you can see in the pic

The Razor program writes the value itself into the registry.

Last Edit: well the issue is when it's passed to the Uninstall Display Size it goes as STR and it should be LONGINT, so what's the Convert to LONGINT Tag for Define tag ???
The typecasting is automatic if you go through ISPP. What is the version of inno setup that you used in your project?
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