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Originally Posted by Bulat View Post
I bet it's smth UA-specific. Try to compress these games directly with FA - it should start immediately

.... oh, well, it's not sorting but checking file contents to determine file types. it may took a long time, mainly due to disk seeking, but anyway hour+ looks way too much for 60k files
Yeah, it has something to do with the initial sorting of files but it doesnt have impact on the SSD or HDD drive. Looking at the task manager disk use is less then 1%, ram is only few mb but it has a 25% on cpu impact. This begins only when i get games with over 30k. Less then 30k should start inmediatly or some seconds. Also works fine without using ultraarc so it has something to do with UA. Anyway for games over 30k i make it now with batch as KaktoR told me and its fine but would be nice if this can be solved.
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