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QuickBMS to XTool updated


- Added user input option (auto write to cmd window any common prompts)
- Fixed issue with string to binary conversion of keys
- Fixed issue with handling streams that are both encrypted and compressed
- Fixed issue with storing incorrect decryption keys


It can be sometimes difficult to properly detect streams when you use xtool directly, especially oodle streams if decompressed streams is unknown however if a quick bms script was made, you can take advantage of this and quickly generate a database to use in xtool. Same goes for unreal engine games where ue4d plugin seems to not work as intended, you can loaded up the unreal_tournament_4 script, enter the key and everything should be taken care of.

Some results on Project Cars 3

Compressed 1 file, 538,214,104 => 1,028,286,891 bytes. Ratio 191.06%
Compression time: cpu 0.77 sec/real 160.61 sec = 0%. Speed 3.35 mB/s
Compressed 1 file, 538,214,104 => 1,035,969,556 bytes. Ratio 192.48%
Compression time: cpu 0.77 sec/real 141.78 sec = 1%. Speed 3.80 mB/s
xtool:pcars3 using ( script):
Compressed 1 file, 538,214,104 => 1,058,023,182 bytes. Ratio 196.58%
Compression time: cpu 0.69 sec/real 25.66 sec = 3%. Speed 20.98 mB/s
Not only you get better results but the process is also faster. :)
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