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Lightbulb Playing unsupported XBOX1 games on a XBOX360 with RGH/JTAG

Hey guys.

I found your board because I was searching for adr-patcher or also called adrenalin-patcher, to patch a XBOX1 game that did not worked on my XBOX360.

I am own a XBOX360 with rgh 1.2. It works great with internal 3.5" INCH HDD, soldered to the hdd-port.

I would like to play old xbox1 games too, so I installed the hacked xbox1 emulator for RGH-XBOX360's (XB15829Nov2007Hacked.rar) and fix for the compatibility (

I create a backup of two old xbox1 games I loved:
Burnout 3 - Works great


Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup - Don't work

I hang up, after the first intro or loading screen.

So I try many things and of course I allready read that some xbox1 games don't work. But I can not imagine that now, 9 years after release of the hacked emulator, nobody can help to fix this.

I try to find the ADR-Patcher but he can not patch the default.xbe file. Perhaps I need a new file. I found it here and here.

I really hope that somebody of you can help me and perhaps other guys to find a solution. Any ideas or connections?

I found a list from MS wich supported games here.

In the Info-doc from the hacked-emulator it was something to read about a alternative frontend with options:
Also asked here (de) or here (en).
This version has been hacked to play unsupported games, however this doesn't
mean they will work. This release includes a hacked version of the official
frontend, however you may want to try my replacement frontend which allows
you to set emulation options for each game.
Does anybody know how to activate them?
Inpired by this yt video: avalaunch, I try to run Harry-Potter-Quidditch-World-Cup with this. Hang up on the same position. Here is a video of the game bug/stock:

Greetings by AbleforCable

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