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There are a few things everyone should know about the x-bit 1.5......
1st: Use the 1.5 flash software when flashing a 1.5 chip, DUH. The old 1.0 software will not work and you will have errors. Download from
2nd: Unplug all USB devices (even keyboard and mouse; use ps/2 connections) This avoids no connection issues and random errors while flashing
3rd: Clean/scrape off the d0 points with a very small tipped screwdriver, nail, or thumbtack.

Besides the obvious dip switch settings, wire hookups, and the right .bin file/size(I'm using evox m8plus.bin) these three tips are by far the most important to remember when flashing and installing an x-bit 1.5. This chip will work on all 1.0-1.5 XBOX models solderlessly and the 1.6 with an adapter.
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