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Exclamation I think i killed my xbox and my xbit

first of all sry i am a noob. I just got an xbit modchip and i did the internal insatlition and then i formated my xbit, turned the dip switches to i wrote the evoxm7 bios the the bios 5, then i disconnected it and turned the dip switches to, reconnected it and tried to verify the bios, but it always says the files do not match, no matter how many different ways i try to flash the bios. also my xbox worked erfectyl untill i installed my xbit now it says it needs repair, but i followed the instructions perfectly, nd even had my friend kanji help(he konws alot about comps, even told me to ground myself and do this and that) and it now boots to theveryfirst part where it has the xbox logo and says microsoft, then the led flashes red and green and it says it needs repair, can anyone help me? oh yeah it also makes a bad grinding nopise when it truns off

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