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Smile update- readspeed

i have traded in my Dell pc for a newly built pc with Win XP p4 -1.5, 120gb hd, pioneer a05,lite- on dvd- rom 16x.
I traded my sony burner I was having so many problems with ritek 4x in for the pioneer AO5 burner.

Since this, my lite on reader that was peaking at 1.9x now reaches 8x-10x and only takes max 10-12 min to rip a 4.3 gb dvd-r.
As for reading original dvd's in dvd decryptor it reaches max 5x so far and this is reading marcro protected dvd's.

So what does this tell me-?

Pioneer burns 4x ritek at 4x with not one fail so far. Sony maybe in future when they release correct firmware will do so but not good enough really for me.
Lite on now rips at the speeds I bought it for- so was it my system not fast enough, set up incorrectly I dont know but its all good now.

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