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thks Folks
I thought firmware was only relevant for writers.
I recently succesfully changed my firmware to 1.0D on my sony so I could write at 4x w/Ritek so I know how to do that.
I will now check what firmware is available for the lite on reader so that I can speed up burning to HD.

one more point-
Both the ide channels were used on my pc with the sony writer(dru500A) and a lite on cd-burner I had , so I bought an IDE controller and connected up this new lite on dvd-rom as the master on this new channel- would this cause read speed to be so slow?

I have a dell precision 220 with p3 733 , win 2k , 512m. Never any issue with pc being slow and it is great for multi tasking so I don't think that is causing it to read slow. What do you think?

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