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Update available


- fixed command line parser
- updated deflate scanner
- added stream deduplication
- added stream database
- added decompression memory limiter
- added grittibanzli (also handles deflate stream but slow af)


stream deduplication doesn't allow you to set max decompression memory so it uses VM file, this will be in future versions.
stream deduplication also produces a file that is required for decompression, this file must always exist else xtool will always fail restoring the data

[External compressor:xtool]
header    = 0
packcmd   = xtool.exe precomp -mzlib+preflate -c32mb -t100p-1 --dbase --dedup=xtool.bin - - <stdin> <stdout>
unpackcmd = xtool.exe decode -t100p-1 --dedup=xtool.bin - - <stdin> <stdout>
xtool.bin must be put along with the installation (setup.exe) and extracted to temp like you would with xtool.exe and other decompression exe/dll/cls files

if you have multiple archives, the same xtool.bin file can be used. meaning if you used xtool in data1.bin and data2.bin, xtool.bin can be used for both, the program itself will decide which section of the xtool.bin belongs to which archive. This is better than having xtool1.bin and xtool2.bin for each archive

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