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Tested 1 file, 92,646,762 => 48,529,408 bytes. Ratio 190.91%
Testing time: cpu 0.06 sec/real 2.62 sec = 2%. Speed 18.56 mB/s
Tested 1 file, 90,385,191 => 48,529,408 bytes. Ratio 186.25%
Testing time: cpu 0.08 sec/real 3.60 sec = 2%. Speed 13.46 mB/s


"localizations.dat". File is broken.
Tested 1 file, 67,329,029 => 9,663,657 bytes. Ratio 696.72%
Testing time: cpu 0.00 sec/real 1.10 sec = 0%. Speed 8.75 mB/s
Tested 1 file, 9,663,731 => 9,663,657 bytes. Ratio 100.00%
Testing time: cpu 0.02 sec/real 0.59 sec = 3%. Speed 16.34 mB/s
I remember mentioning somewhere that you sometimes need to include reflate/preflate along with zlib because this is no longer automated like in previous iterations.

in the sample FitGirl provided reflate gave better output, not sure if it's because of bigger hifs but this is why preflate doesn't replace reflate and why both are used, you just need to pick one to work with if the default zlib method doesn't process streams by itself.

that said, reflate no longer gets updates so at times, it breaks crc of files like in thr sample provided by shazzla so this means you need to use preflate.

I hope this clears up a few things about the program's usage.

Tests were performed using xtool_2008_R1 (the current version),

[External compressor:xtool]
header    = 0
packcmd   = xtool.exe precomp -mzlib+preflate -c32mb -t100p-1 -d0 - - <stdin> <stdout>
unpackcmd = xtool.exe decode -t100p-1 - - <stdin> <stdout>

the next version of xtool will have reflate automatically verify the streams it processes to avoid checksum errors and if it fails but preflate was enabled, it will jump to preflate. may take longer to process but I guess there is no other alternative at this point.

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