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Originally Posted by Gupta View Post
kind of rewrote everything
now you can export setup.ini and other images
also, archive contains source as well.
Thanks for the update.

- It would be great if you had the option to import the setup.ini (Load Project) from an existing project and automatically load the image files from the Setup folder on the same path as the Setup.ini.

- A copy/paste option for button styles would be useful, for example through a context menu on project buttons.

- When searching for the first image of a button (If you have not yet uploaded images or the image is different in size from the old image) the measurements should be resized to the actual size of the uploaded image. You could have a checbox to disable this option if necessary.

Erros found:
- The LabelX, LabelY, ShadowX, ShadowY options are not supporting negative values.

- I didn't find Width and Height options for TextStage.
Similar to the Width= and Height= keys [TextStage] section of the Setup.ini file

- When loading an image Autorun.png/Installer1.png/SmallInstaller.png should always automatically load the actual dimensions of the image and not allow changing Width and Height for these components because the CreateFormFromImage function of botva2 creates the form exactly with the dimensions of the image and not the Width and Height of Setup.ini
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