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Lightbulb xbass.dll v3.0

xbass.dll v3.0

  • Audio plugins updated.
  • Supports "*.mp3, *.ogg, *.wav".
  • Supports seek forward and seek backward.
  • Added in built-in timer.
  • Tested in Inno setup 6.x.x Unicode.

function MusicOpenFile(handle: HWND; defaultPath: widestring): widestring;
function XSetTimer(handle: HWND; Interval: longword; lpTimerFunc: longword): Cardinal;
function XKillTimer(handle: HWND; TimerId: Cardinal): boolean;
function XWrap(Callback: TTimerProc; Paramcount: integer): longword;

procedure InitMusic(handle: HWND; filename: widestring; volume: integer; RepeatOn: boolean);
procedure MusicPlay;
procedure MusicPause;
procedure MusicResume;
procedure MusicStop;
procedure MusicSetVolume(vol: integer);
function MusicPct: integer;
function MusicPosition: widestring;
function MusicDuration: widestring;
procedure MusicForward(sec: integer);
procedure MusicBackward(sec: integer);
procedure DeInitMusic;

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