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TAK: (T)om's lossless (A)udio (K)ompressor
  • You may already have heard about TAK through ProFrager's MSC, it passes WAVE audio to TAK for it to be compressed.
  • However, some audio MSC will skip over that TAK can still compress perfectly, so in this case you can use TAK directly with FreeArc to squeeze out even more compression.
  • You MUST use solid = 0 option since each WAVE audio file should be compressed individually.

    [External compressor: tak]
    header     = 0 
    solid      = 0
    packcmd    = {compressor} -e -p4m $$arcdatafile$$.wav $$arcpackedfile$$.tak
    unpackcmd  = {compressor} -d $$arcpackedfile$$.tak $$arcdatafile$$.wav
    datafile   = $$arcdatafile$$.wav
    packedfile = $$arcpackedfile$$.tak
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