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Modifed Gust PAK Tool for Atelier Sophie 2
  • I compiled this version based on the differences proposed to the source by 20051231.
  • This will allow you to unpack and decrypt the archives for Atelier Sophie 2 and rebuild them. You can XDelta them to the original archives.
  • To unpack:
    gust_pak -k dGGKXLHLuCJwv8aBc3YQX6X6sREVPchs "<input pak file>"
    To repack:
    gust_pak -k dGGKXLHLuCJwv8aBc3YQX6X6sREVPchs "<input_json_file>
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File Type: 7z Gust_PAK_Modified_Atelier_Sophie_2.7z (218.7 KB, 5 views)

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