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Bink Compressor Patch

Some cls I created after my first use of bpk... which was on Watch Dogs videos and it produced some error and from what I understand is that some videos cause bpk to bug out so this cls-bpt (bpk patch) just tries to filter out the videos that cause these errors. (You do not gain ratio from these videos as they are just skipped)

If the code used in cls-bpk.dll is the same as bink_pack.exe then this should work without problems (same goes for the decoder).

The principle of cls-bpt is bk2 videos are scanned and, both encoded and decoded by bink_pack.exe and bink_unpack.exe respectively, if either one of them fail then the data is not passed through the original cls-bpk.
This will avoid the "motion data" error message and a possible crash afterwards.

Given the involvement of bink_pack.exe and bink_unpack.exe, this means that every single video is at least encoded twice and decoded once when compressing and this will probably more than half the speed performance than when using bpk originally however when decompressing, the speed remains the same

Required files when compressing
Required files when decompressing
You can get bpk from here.


Only use this cls when you are having issues with bpk as there is no telling if bpt will produce errors of its own or if it will affect ratio.
This only focuses on bk2 videos.
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