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RPKG Tool for HITMAN 1/2/3
  • With this you can unpack and rebuild game archives for HITMAN 1/2/3
  • Rebuilding game archives is CRC perfect (from what I tested out of 5 archives from Hitman 3 v3.70).
  • Possibility to merge patch files into main archives to save several gigs of space (not tested and not crc perfect ofcourse)

Unpack rpkg file
rpkg-cli.exe -extract_from_rpkg "<path>\<filename>"

Unpack all rpkg files
rpkg-cli.exe -extract_from_rpkgs "<path to folder containing RPKGs>"

Repack rpkg file
rpkg-cli.exe -generate_rpkg_from <foldername>
Latest hash lists:
Haters gonna hate

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