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X-Men Origins Wolverine (DVD9 to 2xDVD5)
Install Sequence: DVD1-DVD2 finish

1) Create temp folders


2) Copy DVD9 content to 'temp\WOLV_DVD1'

3) Delete Movies folder from 'temp\WOLV_DVD1\Setup\Data\WGame'

4) Copy DVD9 content to 'temp\WOLV_DVD'

5) Delete CookedPC folder from 'temp\WOLV_DVD1\Setup\Data\WGame'

6) Extract and overwrite edited MSI: Activision_R_.rar to 'temp\WOLV_DVD1' and 'temp\WOLV_DVD'

Pass : 7) Create autorun.inf in 'temp\WOLV_DVD':


8) Burn or make isos with labels 'WOLV_DVD1' and 'WOLV_DVD'

Install Sequence: DVD1-DVD2 finish

DVD1 size 3.92 gb
DVD2 size 3.27 gb

For users who want to edit original msi themselves, these changes should be made
to 'media' table (Use orca or appeditor, i prefer appeditor ):

DiskId   lastSequence    DiskPrompt            VolumeLabel
1	  958	          WOLV_DVD1		WOLV_DVD1	
2	  1024	          WOLV_DVD		WOLV_DVD
Tested 100%

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