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acal3000 01-02-2022 08:50

32 Gb USB Pendives
Is it my imagination or usb pen drives over 32 gb seems to have more data corruption and failures than 16 Gb or less ones ?..I have had some experiences like that and I didnt unmount when are in use or things like that could damage them and so on .. I have rely on usb hardisks on longer data files coz that and dont seems to have such kind problems lots more reliable...What do you think???..

Joe Forster/STA 01-02-2022 14:03

Make sure to use good brands. I don't use USB pen drives - with built in memory - anymore; rather small USB micro SD card readers. If either the reader or the card breaks down, I get a spare one from the drawer. (That way, I generate only half as much waste.)

There are rumors that sometimes they sell you bad memory cards: cards with factory defects or cards with smaller than indicated capacity. When you fill those completely with data for the first time, you may already experience data loss. So, while I buy the readers from Aliexpress or Ebay, I buy memory cards from a local (Hungary) shop only so that I have some kind of guarantee that they don't sell shit.

Nevertheless, there's the general trend of decreasing product quality and that occurs with everything, not just pen drives. I don't think there's a solution for that other than making (more) backups. As for hard drives, they can't compete with something like this in size: . :) (Yes, the SDHC card fits into the unused half of the USB plug itself.)

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