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gatosky1620 29-05-2013 11:47

Anomaly 2 - DVD5 - CIU
1 Attachment(s)

yener90 for his script CUI

NOTE: You must have installed Unicode Inno Setup


A. Anomaly 2.7z



1. Install the game.

2. Download attached file, decompress wherever you want (not in game folder).

3. Go to game´s directory and delete the original uninstall files if there

4. Open InstallerScript.iss

Edit the next line, according to the installation directory of the game.


#define SourcePath "D:\Juegos\Anomaly 2"

Save and Compile

5. Open LangScript.iss and compile

6. Execute "Convert_AutorunToDLL.bat"

7. Move the next files:


Setup1*.bin, Setup.exe,, Setup.dll y Setup.ini, to "DVD"

pakrat2k2 29-05-2013 16:25

thank-you for paying attention to the edits I made to your other posts :)

the only thing not needed in every post is the link for Unicode version, just mention that its needed for the conversion to work.

nice job on the conversions posted so far.

Silent-R 12-04-2014 03:37

wht is password of file?
when i extract file its asking for password
can u give me the password?

pakrat2k2 12-04-2014 09:15

the password is to protect the authors work. If they didn't want it protected they wouldn't have used password in the first place. Use it as it is, or find another conversion.

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