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biotec2k8 08-04-2021 11:20

Compress Mono Files

How to Compress Mono Bleeding Edge Files Effectively?

I can't decompress it.

Masquerade 08-04-2021 12:44


pralin 08-04-2021 20:49


Originally Posted by Masquerade (Post 491251)

Can we use delta also for better ratio?

biotec2k8 09-04-2021 02:10

Delta...Good Idea

Test with Srep+Delta+FL2

With Delta: 544MB
Without Delta: 553MB

The File is smaller.


I did a test. Valheim installation. And my tests showed that the RZ is more effective than the lolz

But there is a little problem:

RZ, i.e. Razor, is a slow compressor. If you were to use RazorX, compressing would be much faster. Delta slightly reduces the file size. Just whether the last compressor can still do something with that?
I looked at the resource files that I could display with the editor. Lots of repetitions in characters. So Delta or XDelta3 is not a bad idea. But LOLZ does it without Delta.
The mono bleeding should already be packed by itself. Because there is also a charging phase in the game. If you could unpack these files now, you could pack it better. Unfortunately, I don't know what Mono Bleeding can be used to unpack

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