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Miseryguts1969 20-03-2021 01:11

New Monitor Shopping
My old iiyama Prolite E2607WS is finally kaput & i need a new monitor asap.. I'm pretty clueless to be quite honest and have taken a break from the shop. I'm looking for something around 2560 x 1440 res, low response time, not really bothered about any built-in speakers (but if they are any good!) & any extra bells and whistles incl.. problem is I've no more than around 300 to spend and would be extremely grateful for any advice here at all.. thanks for listening!

Joe Forster/STA 20-03-2021 03:42

(That's 300 GBP, not USD, right? Quite a difference!)

I would only buy a Samsung monitor. I have an older one (flat, 16:9) but my dad was delighted to get a curved one because he can watch football on it (contains TV tuner but you probably don't need one); so, if you wanna play on it, you might also want a curved one, for better immersion. As for which model, no idea, there are way too many. Go through the specifications, compare them, and choose the one with the best (extra) features for the best price. You might want to find a shop whose online page compares specifications for you, highlighting differences.

Good luck!

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