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Jiva newstone 25-07-2020 23:17

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cHash is a command Line tool that can be used to generate various hashes for a given folder. Supported algorithms are MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, SHA512_224, SHA512_256.

Usage : cHash -a1 "hash" Hash.md5 : this will generated hash.md5 from the given folder "Hash" if filename is not specified it automatically takes foldername as filename

cHash -h to show help

source : Github link

Example Usage:

chash -a1 "Assassin's Creed Unity\" Hash.md5
Note: you can copy it to Enviroment Variable Path registered folder to access it from anywhere !

Epic Titan 69 14-03-2021 17:59

Working perfectly...!!!!

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