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:( Sad8669 21-01-2022 23:45

Forza Horizon 5 - Precompression


Overall input size: 92.32 GB
Overall output size: 150.84 GB

Compressed 11,938 files, 99,133,025,380 => 161,958,571,033 bytes. Ratio 163.37%
Compression time: cpu 190.63 sec/real 7941.73 sec = 2%. Speed 12.48 mB/s
All OK

:( Sad8669 25-01-2022 00:48

Yakuza Kiwami 2 - From Yakuza's Series 2/7

Method : srep:m3f:l512+lzma:a1:mfbt4:256m:fb273:mc1000000000:lc8
Compression Time : 6 Hours 39 Minutes and 47 seconds
Decompression Time : 52 Minutes (4T)
Initial Size : 41.02 GB
Final Size: 30.24 GB

:( Sad8669 25-01-2022 06:19

God Of War - BNK Sound Files
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Well, if anyone is interested in hearing/extracting GOW sounds, you can do the following.

They are found here, GodOfWar\exec\wad\pc_le\soundbanks with extension .sdp

Open any of the file with HxD, select everything and scroll down until you see BKHD. Delete all hex code to the point you see "BKHD", also delete the highlighted area.

Now, you have a bank file. Which can be extracted using (QuickBMS).


You can use bnkextr, its faster.
After extracting the bank, you will find alot of .wem files named as .wav

Convert them to OGG, if you want to hear them.

KaktoR 25-01-2022 08:29

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Thanks for the hint.

You can repack extracted files with plain zip (0 compression, just storing) and create a diff file to patch back to original. Now find a way to do the hex editing for hundreds of files in a batch :p

:( Sad8669 25-01-2022 08:49

Creating diff was also in my mind, but there is no bnk repacker so you can't hope to use WemTool on the inside .wem files, since there would be no way to rebuild them.

If there was a bnkrepacker, we might have saved 150~200 MB (only 1~2 MB compression with WemTool on 80 MB files)

BKHD header occurs at different places in different files, i think there is no pattern + we can ignore some 1 KB ~ 1 MB files :D

Masquerade 25-01-2022 13:58

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem

Start Size: 25.5GB


Final Size: 17.3GB


*.gro archives are Zip files.

dixen 26-01-2022 00:34


Originally Posted by Masquerade (Post 495552)
Final Size: [Compressing...]

~ 18 gb.
XTool v0.40 + Reflate = All *.gro - 28 gb > 50 gb..but..error unpack from lolz (it just closed on 6.4%):confused:
XTool + zlib+preflate

Tested 1 file, 18,629,519,581 => 26,137,702,000 bytes. Ratio 71.27%
Testing time: cpu 28.02 sec/real 500.07 sec = 6%. Speed 52.27 mB/s
All OK

:( Sad8669 26-01-2022 00:52

God of War - English Only [Day 1 Patch Not Included]

Method : srep:m3f:l512+lzma:a1:mfbt4:256m:fb273:mc1000000000:lc8
Compression Time : 8.4 Hours
Decompression Time : 55+ Minutes (4T)
Initial Size : 61 GB
Final Size: 27.9 GB
Ripped : All Lang files except ENG
Possibilities : You can use BPK on bink files.

Masquerade 26-01-2022 06:17


12.6GB ---> 2.7GB

KaktoR 26-01-2022 13:19


Originally Posted by Masquerade (Post 495552)
Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem

Start Size: 25.5GB


Final Size: 17.3GB


*.gro archives are Zip files.

There are some ogg's too

Masquerade 26-01-2022 13:23

I saw those. I think may be a good idea to have another go and use QuickBMS to import the oggs back to their correct spot in the archive. Using oggre in the pipeline would probably cause issues.

KaktoR 26-01-2022 13:27

I guess you can just make a xtool database for this.

Masquerade 26-01-2022 23:50

There's only about 350mb of OGG audio in the game.

Masquerade 27-01-2022 10:27

Neon Abyss

Step 1: 7x bundle files (ignoring StandaloneWindows64) - Use UBT to decompress them, then recompress each bundle and make a patch for each. I ended up with ~16mb of HDiffZ patches in total. When decompressed, the game requires 2.3GB of disk space despite only being 1GB when compressed.

Step 2: Compress:


Final Size: 250MB

Masquerade 27-01-2022 13:28

Rugby 22


23.5GB ----> 3.7GB

I experienced issues with srep v3.92b with this game so I used srep v3.2 instead.

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