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Razor12911 06-10-2021 15:46

Dunia/Disrupt Engine Database maker updated


- Added support for Far Cry 6


No idea if this works on the whole game, I tested on 1 sample.

Far Cry 6\data_final\pc\common.dat

Tested 2 files, 1,287,326,620 => 684,093,252 bytes. Ratio 188.18%
Testing time: cpu 0.80 sec/real 11.15 sec = 7%. Speed 61.36 mB/s

KaktoR 08-10-2021 07:49

For FC6 use lz4 v1.8.2


Tested 2 files, 3,646,603,232 => 2,313,847,968 bytes. Ratio 157.60%
Testing time: cpu 0.86 sec/real 17.36 sec = 5%. Speed 133.32 mB/s

Razor12911 05-01-2022 16:38

Dunia/Disrupt Engine Database maker updated


- Added support for all* fat files in Watch Dogs Legion


I have no idea if all fat files are supported (I don't have game, only source is torrent files which my ISP does not appreciate so...)
This is perhaps why I stopped pirating games and started buying them

You'll need to wait for next xtool update for this to work, something is up with the main program causing it to crash.

KaktoR 07-01-2022 07:35

1 Attachment(s)
Watch Dogs Legion


common.dat: 32781 stream(s)
commonengine.dat: 22 stream(s)
patch.dat: 113756 stream(s)
patch_brazilian.dat: 7255 stream(s)
patch_english.dat: 82028 stream(s)
patch_french.dat: 9519 stream(s)
patch_german.dat: 8264 stream(s)
patch_italian.dat: 7126 stream(s)
patch_japanese.dat: 3600 stream(s)
patch_russian.dat: 6981 stream(s)
patch_spanish.dat: 4819 stream(s)
shadersobj.dat: 168500 stream(s)
london.dat: 103303 stream(s)
london_brazilian.dat: 84705 stream(s)
london_cache.dat: 27030 stream(s)
london_english.dat: 84690 stream(s)
london_french.dat: 83419 stream(s)
london_german.dat: 84721 stream(s)
london_hires.dat: 41591 stream(s)
london_italian.dat: 84720 stream(s)
london_japanese.dat: 84718 stream(s)
london_preload.dat: 43551 stream(s)
london_russian.dat: 85156 stream(s)
london_spanish.dat: 84667 stream(s)
london_ultra.dat: 12124 stream(s)
Database created successfully

Razor12911 17-01-2022 11:46

Information on main post added


- Added information showcasing database generation feature

Razor12911 29-01-2022 14:04

1 Attachment(s)
Information on QuickBMS to Xtool added


- Added information and attachment showcasing bms2xtool (bms script to xtl database file)

dixen 29-01-2022 23:55

I try it on LEGO I.J but


d:\RePack_tools\bms2xtool_0.1>bms2xtl "GAME.DAT" lego.xtl
Exception: File operation not supported
LEGO Batman The Videogame - same error((

Masquerade 30-01-2022 01:11


Originally Posted by dixen (Post 495600)
I try it on LEGO I.J but

LEGO Batman The Videogame - same error((

Recompression of LZ2K is not supported. QBMS can only extract LZ2K, not compress.

dixen 30-01-2022 02:01


Originally Posted by Masquerade (Post 495601)
Recompression of LZ2K is not supported. QBMS can only extract LZ2K, not compress.

Damn..I forgot about that

Razor12911 16-02-2022 22:40

1 Attachment(s)
QuickBMS to XTool updated


Fixed issues with some scripts not being parsed correctly (thanks Masquerade)
Added support for xtool v0.4+
Made overall progress to be visible from taskbar

You can find source code from here

Razor12911 21-02-2022 15:01

QuickBMS to XTool updated


- Added user input option (auto write to cmd window any common prompts)
- Fixed issue with string to binary conversion of keys
- Fixed issue with handling streams that are both encrypted and compressed
- Fixed issue with storing incorrect decryption keys


It can be sometimes difficult to properly detect streams when you use xtool directly, especially oodle streams if decompressed streams is unknown however if a quick bms script was made, you can take advantage of this and quickly generate a database to use in xtool. Same goes for unreal engine games where ue4d plugin seems to not work as intended, you can loaded up the unreal_tournament_4 script, enter the key and everything should be taken care of.

Some results on Project Cars 3


Compressed 1 file, 538,214,104 => 1,028,286,891 bytes. Ratio 191.06%
Compression time: cpu 0.77 sec/real 160.61 sec = 0%. Speed 3.35 mB/s


Compressed 1 file, 538,214,104 => 1,035,969,556 bytes. Ratio 192.48%
Compression time: cpu 0.77 sec/real 141.78 sec = 1%. Speed 3.80 mB/s

xtool:pcars3 using ( script):

Compressed 1 file, 538,214,104 => 1,058,023,182 bytes. Ratio 196.58%
Compression time: cpu 0.69 sec/real 25.66 sec = 3%. Speed 20.98 mB/s

Not only you get better results but the process is also faster. :)

dixen 22-02-2022 01:44

1 Attachment(s)
Test database for Mortal Kombat 11



Compressed 2 files, 1,694,239,720 => 3,013,304,346 bytes. Ratio 177.86%
Compression time: cpu 1.53 sec/real 137.23 sec = 1%. Speed 12.35 mB/s
All OK

Tested 2 files, 3,013,304,346 => 1,694,239,720 bytes. Ratio 177.86%
Testing time: cpu 1.78 sec/real 120.46 sec = 1%. Speed 14.06 mB/s
All OK
*Requied oo2core_5_win64.dll from game folder



Compressed 3,786 files, 81,540,296,959 => 59,769,328,360 bytes. Ratio 73.30%
Compression time: cpu 838.47 sec/real 23004.64 sec = 4%. Speed 3.54 mB/s
All OK
**Requied ~300 gb for decompressiion and srep proccess

Razor12911 22-02-2022 08:03

QuickBMS to XTool updated


- Added safe mode feature


This issue is not related to bms2xtl but it's related to QuickBMS itself and was detected by KaktoR where quickbms will run out of memory when trying to process some streams especially ones where oodle is used, since quickbms internally uses old oodle library taken from Warframe, newer games seem to cause the old library to possibly have a memory leak.

Safe mode mitigates this issue (only use it if you have an issue when QuickBMS produces an error related to memory or something similar and it should be kept disabled under normal use)

Luminior 23-02-2022 03:13

Sword and Fairy 7
Method: bms2xtool v0.3 + xtool v0.4.2 + srep + lolz


Compressed 16 files, 69,496,034,241 => 34,281,984,937 bytes. Ratio 49.33%
Compression time: cpu 1290.97 sec/real 41904.95 sec = 3%. Speed 1.66 mB/s
All OK
Notes: other libraries were not used.

Razor12911 20-03-2022 17:33

QuickBMS to XTool updated


- Fixed issue with file inputs smaller than 4MB

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