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sharpie392 27-12-2006 14:11

need help w/ xecuter 2.6
I am going to buy an xecuter 2.6 mod chip for my xbox. i have a few questions. Can i change the hardware such as the dvd drive and hard drive. can i put in a usb port on the xbox. what software do i need to do the installation. is xbins were i get the software? and is there anything else i should know before i buy it. I really need the help, because i dont want to mess it up. thnx to anyone who responds

Quall999 29-12-2006 07:45

You cannot add in your own dvd drives. There are a few with hacked firmware though, but they are costly and typically not needed.

You can upgrade the harddrive after you ship the system.

Yes, xbins FTP. Request a pass from their IRC

You should know that you void your warranty, and make sure you get correct bios for your xbox version.

sharpie392 29-12-2006 17:56

what bios does a v.1 xbox run on?

sharpie392 29-12-2006 17:57

i also found a 5 device ata cable made for xbox on llama, would this allow me to use multiple drives? and is it possible with a better chip to be able touse a different dvd drive?

Quall999 30-12-2006 09:35

I think those cables are for servers and external drive shuttles....

You can hook up multiple HDD's, but only one can be powered at a time. Unless you really need multiple drives, I wouldn't recommend it.

As for your bios question, the newest X2 bios would be fine.
x2 bios v.5035 = v1.0 to v1.5 xboxs
x2 bios v.5035 v16 plus = v1.6 to v1.6b xboxs

sharpie392 31-12-2006 17:36

i used some crimpers to add on more power hook ups, i took the power hook ups off an old comp power supply, would it then be possible to power more than one hard drive, and what is an external drive shuttle? the site said the cable was made for xbox here is the site link so you can see the cable

Quall999 09-01-2007 19:47

I don't know if you already found your answer, but the answer is no. The xbox will only see one drive. I don't even know how it will act if there were multiple drivers hooked up (maybe give an HDD error). The xbox is only set to read from a single drive. If you house one externally, you will need a switch to cut power from one or the other.

Besides that, I am not sure if the xbox even has enough juice to power multiple drives at the same time.

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