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Mjohn8917 03-11-2006 08:51

Looking to buy xbox
I am looking to buy an xbox with a big hard drive like 100 GB or 120 GB with a modchip installed so I can put XBMC and EVO X where would I go to buy a system with that stuff already installed system and all im only looking to spend $200 maybe $250 nothing more could someone please post a link or something the only place i found had it all but wanted like 400 or something and thats not worth it when ps3 i gonna be like 100 dollars more then that for the basic system.

Quall999 06-11-2006 05:08

You won't find a pre-mod anywhere for cheaper. The xbox is $150, modchips are $35-60, and the HDD is probably around $80-100.

The price you are asking for is basically a system that has been modded for free or the price is just not possible due to hardware costs.

DRAGoN.X 08-11-2006 22:14

You just MIGHT be able to do it for $200-250, if you do everything yourself.
Also, there's this guide over at xbox-scene which I think is good.

You could possible do it without even needing a modchip if you use an exploit.

First thing your gonna want to do (possible before you even buy it) is find out the version of the Xbox. Now all new Xbox's (with my 1 year old knowledge on the subject) are v1.6. These solderless adapters are different then the ones for the older versions. But like I said. My knowledge is a year old.

Try to get a used Xbox somewere (like ebay, or a friend) for dirt cheap.
Ask around see if someone you know is selling one, you may get a good price ;)

The modchip price just doesn't change. It's been $50-60 ever since I've seen it (at least the X3 is). You probably don't need a Xecuter 3 though, a 2.6 will do just fine.

If your soldering, then it's just the price of the modchip plus some solder/iron. If you don't want to solder then just get a solderless adapter (I hate them, but it's alright, I'll forgive you ;))

Then, find some cheap hard drive, that hopefully balances price and capacity (there are cheaper 120gb ones on newegg too if thats too much).

Did I leave anything out???
All the software is free. Only problem with that is you'll have to figure out how to get it
;) (cough....#Xbins....cough....)

Andway, I just touched the basis of it. It's always cheaper to do it yourself. It may take a little longer, but in the end you'll know more then you started with :)

SirMaverick 02-01-2007 00:49

I would look towards getting a maxtor drive. I got a 300 gig one with 16 meg cache for under $90, It's worth the extra bread. or

Also, I would look at softmodding your box instead of spending money on a mod chip. It would save you about $50.

Gamestop xbox used $100
Hard Drive $90

total Cost Under $200. Good luck, and if you need help with a softmod, let me know. I'll be glad to help. I can even do it for you. I'm listed here:

there are also a lot of other people on there who will also do it for free. (or a small donation) see page for details.

Whipped_Wonder 05-01-2007 09:32

You have a Private Message Sir

SirMaverick 06-01-2007 01:16

I didn't get one from you.

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