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tblake 02-03-2007 22:22

Windows on XBox
Hey guys its me again, I was considering buying a used xbox, and was wondering if its possable to boot windows (any version) on the xbox. Anyone know where i could go for a good tutrial on how to do this properly? Thanks a lot.

AXmichigan 02-03-2007 22:32

hello u again
i think u can do linux
not windows

kosmiq 03-03-2007 03:09

Someone managed to boot Windows 98 through XDSL on the xbox a while ago. So by first booting linux on it and thereafter launch windows.

However there are not real drivers for almost anything in the xbox so it is not running efficiently.

Here's some info for you:

A complete tutorial on how to get Win 98 to boot:

A little more:

However if you really want some sort of pc functionality on your xbox I would recommend you to use any xbox linux dist instead as they have been optimized and tweaked for the xbox.

Quall999 05-03-2007 06:59

I would not even dare tainting my xbox with the shotty win98 hack. If you want a desktop, use linux. Much more xbox support, and works flawlessly.

tblake 05-03-2007 07:44

the reason i want windows is because I have a TON of old school roms and emulators and things that will only run on windows. If you guys can show me a few really good emulators that run on linux for nes, snes, ..... Then i may be persuaded to just use linux. Also i will need a tutorial on how to do this. Thanks.

snake2 05-03-2007 08:53

why not just go to xbins and get the xbox emus?

AXmichigan 05-03-2007 23:04

um yea
ill agree withh snake
they xbox emus

i mean
friendly fellow
u can get emus that actually GO on xbox
look for emulators
and uh

tblake 06-03-2007 22:56

ok, lets pretend i dont know what you guys are talking about.

Quall999 07-03-2007 07:16

Someone hacked win98 to run on the xbox. It runs like poop and has no support. Do not use it.

Linux is another OS that is more stable than win98. It has also been modified to run on the xbox. It runs great and has good support.

If you want to have an Operating System on the xbox, use linux and not windows.

tblake 07-03-2007 07:40

and where can i find a tutorial on how this is done?

Quall999 08-03-2007 04:38 <---about linux <--downloads (ubuntu and debian are my favorite)

You will need to flash a bios on the xbox to boot linux. Do you have a modchip, and does it support multiple bios?

tblake 17-03-2007 07:49

No modchip.... Yet, was hoping to get some recommendations from you guys, but i suppose that would be aginst forum policy. thanks for all the great info this far.

Quall999 19-03-2007 18:08

You can suggest places to buy chips. It just can't be from a place you work or get referral points from. The second parts forbids users from advertising to sell their chips or purchasing them from other members. Nobody wants to be responsible if a member screws you over, and the forum doesn't want to track or give out confidential info because you broke a rule.

I used to get my chips from, but they are gone (they had the cheapest prices).

You can try getting an xecuter 2.6 ce from They are about $30+shipping.

tblake 23-03-2007 21:02

awesome, thanks. If i put the xecuter 2.6 lite in there, am i able to switch out the hard drive and dvd-rom drive?

Quall999 26-03-2007 18:47

You can swap the dvd-rom with any system, only hard-drives are locked. If you meant that you wanted to use a custom dvd-rom, well, I am not sure about that but I do know originals will not work.

Once you flash a hacked firmware to the modchip, you will be able to swap and format the hard drive ans use your own.

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