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KaktoR 11-10-2018 12:15


Originally Posted by K4miKaZe (Post 476265)
World of Final Fantasy:

Original Size:  11,1 GB
Compressed Size: 6,74 GB
Compress Time:  3 hours (Took me 5, same prob as XV)
Install Time:    8-10 minutes
Ripped Files:    Nothing
Method:          xZLib+srep+lolz

K4miKaZe 11-10-2018 12:37


Originally Posted by KaktoR (Post 476266)

Not for me, just installed again the game and passed the crc check (sfv was made from the original installer). Maybe something to do with game versions?

Edit: Just looked over the original folder, have installed the original game and i dont have any files with this names. This must be something to do with game version, i played the game some months ago and finalized it as i did with every FF game (except FFXV). Looking over on the Win64 folder, even on that the first mo file begins with 001, there are no 000 files for me. I will add a note just in case to the post. Thanks KaktoR !!!

Edit2: Added a little solution for inno users for this but im suspecting that these files are not even required, i dont have them and completed the game haha. Strange things....

K4miKaZe 12-10-2018 03:32


Originally Posted by doofoo24 (Post 476263)
compressing AC O with afr:a2+srep:m2f:a4+lolz:d64

Forge files with afr:a2 64.3gb to 134gb > srep m2f:a4 134gb to 84gb > lolz:d64 27g...

*ram for decompression srep 5762mb...

also test with srep:m3f:a2 you get 25.8gb but ram for decompression srep 11333mb...
*afr seems to hammer the cpu i'm using I7 8700K with NH-D15 4.7GHZ at 1.26v
and getting temp like prime95...

installing time took 65 min...

Doofoo24, 27gb only the forge files? Can you post total size of the game to see the difference with lolz d64 and total install time? I got it full at 28,9 but with lolz d128 and mcc 1023.Zaza4Ever got it around the same but with heavier lolz setting, just curious what happens with d64, i think its faster. I searched my log files but dont have the data for origins right now, was made some weeks ago... Thanks !!!!

K4miKaZe 12-10-2018 05:49

Quantum Break: Steam Edition v1.0.126.0307
Posting this game with 2 methods, with and without 4k videos. For testing i only used the without 4k version, it doesnt have much difference in install and compression time, also size is about 3.35gb more with 4k.


Title:          Quantum Break
Version:        Steam Edition v1.0.126.0307

PC:            4 Cores 3.9GHz (up to 4.3GHz) + 8GB Ram + SSD

Ripped Files:  Leaved English only (removed de,sp,it,etc... on data folder)
                On the 2k version i removed all videos with _4k.bk2 extension

Original Size:  68.9 GB
Compressed 2K:  25,7 GB (Ripped 4k bink videos & languages)
Compressed 4K:  29,1 GB (Only ripped languages)

Method:        Binkpack on .bk2 files
                srep:m3f+lolz:d128:mc1023 on rest of files

Compress Time:  10 hours 30 minutes (38396.89 sec)
Install Time:  21 minutes

CRC Checked:    Yes

Its safe to use this game without 4k videos if you dont play at 4k resolutions,
i have ripped them already when i made my full playthrough

From now on i will post my following games this way, should be easier to read...
Next game: Hitman 2016 !!!

K4miKaZe 12-10-2018 08:26


Originally Posted by doofoo24 (Post 476274)
K4miKaZe well the rest of the files (bk -pck-...) around 4gb with srep m5f:a2+lolz:d64 i get 3.4gb
if you use srep:m3f:a2 you will get 29.4gb...
if you use srep:m2f:a4 you will get 30.5gb...
the main difference between srep:m2 and m3 it save ram in decompression and if you limit srep to 2gb it less temp files it create during installation...
***better to wait for razor to update xtool for most cpu afr 100% well make the cpu fan like jet engine...

Nice, i think actually that with your m3f settings and using binkpack you get this to 29,1 or something. As i thought, there is not much difference in using d64 or d128 on lolz (only 200-300mb or maybe less).

About the heating problems, Intel chips without delidd are very hot itself due to the cheap thermal paste intel adds to them (hope they go back to the 2600/2700k times). The cooler is very good and should match similar results than watercoolers (at least aio coolers), i had one of this before i switched to water cooler. On compression its rare that it goes above the 42-45 Celsius (have no idea how much fahrenheit that is xD).

Again, thank you very much doofoo24 for posting this results !!!

oltjon 12-10-2018 08:42

My Memory of Us 32bit

game size 4.62 Gb
compressed game size 1.99 Gb

NOTHING ripped
NOTHING re-encoded
ALL languages

Srep v3.92 library By Bulat Ziganshin
Lolz v2.1.a.7 library By ProFrager

compression time 5 hours + -
decompression time 5 - 6 min + -

srep + lolz

intel core i7 4 cores 2.9Mhz
6GB ram

K4miKaZe 12-10-2018 09:34


Originally Posted by doofoo24 (Post 476279)
use m2f:a4 with afr:a2:lolz:d64m on forge file you will lose 200mb but much fast install time 17 min...
ram with m3f if i remember around 16gb for srep alone but with m2f only 6.5gb...
alot less temp files i found that with game like mad max/ gta v using m2f better...

What happened to Syndicate was crazy, the compression times were fast as hell compared to unity but installation times were not good. Even on Odyssey or Origins 1.51 they are a bit slow. Cores are also important, all this times and tests are on a 4 cores pc, i tested Final Fantasy XV on my other pc, it has 8 cores and install times were faster. (on my notebook with 2 cores over 3 hours xD). But i will take a look into this, 200mb for half time installation is worth, compressions times didnt matter to me, i leave it on over day/night and use my other pc but installations times are what im searching for (without loosing much ratio).

Thanks again !!!

K4miKaZe 12-10-2018 10:37

Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror Remastered (GOG)
In meantime im doing Hitman on my pc i will add this game, finished right now on my notebook (was just for testing hehe).


Title:          Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror Remastered
Version:        3.4.3 (GOG Edition)

PC:              2 Cores 3.2GHz + 8GB Ram + HDD

Ripped Files:    All foreign languages keeping only 1

Original Size:  1,32 GB
Compressed Size: 512 MB

Method:          xZLib+srep:m3f+lolz:d128:mc1023               

Compress Time:  27 minutes (1644.48 sec)
Install Time:    2-3 minutes

CRC Checked:    Yes

KaktoR 12-10-2018 11:07

Diablo III + RoS




All other files
16.4GB => 12.3GB

K4miKaZe 12-10-2018 22:47

Hitman: Game of the Year Edition
Good morning !!!


Title:          Hitman: Game of the Year Edition
Version:        v1.14.2

PC:              4 Cores 3.9GHz (up to 4.3GHz) + 8GB Ram + SSD

Ripped Files:    Removed Digital Bonus (Documentary & OST)

Original Size:  73.1 GB
Ripped Size:    65.5 GB
Compressed Size: 22.6 GB

Method:          srep:m3f+lolz:d128:mc1023
Compress Time:  9 hours 40 minutes (35009.08 sec)
Install Time:    18 minutes

CRC Checked:    Yes

JustFun 13-10-2018 05:39


Originally Posted by Simorq (Post 476288)
The result is wrong!!!

xZLib+srep:m3f:l512+lolz:dtb1:d512m:fba4096:mtt1:mt2:mc1023 > 4.55 GB

@K4miKaZe @Simorq
Can you please clarify which one of these is wrong, and for what method I am confused, so I can update Index with right information. THX!

K4miKaZe 13-10-2018 07:54


Originally Posted by JustFun (Post 476296)
@K4miKaZe @Simorq
Can you please clarify which one of these is wrong, and for what method I am confused, so I can update Index with right information. THX!

If i have understand it right, what @Simorq means is that the second method posted by @darkwolves is wrong (the method with lolz and who has a size of 3.58gb). The last code was Simorqs test to show that he got it much higher in size using even higher lolz settings.

But better Simorq clarifies this, my english is not good at all and sometimes i can understand things in wrong way.

Edit: @JustFun i send you a private message about one of my games with the link , i think you have missed that post.

Simorq 13-10-2018 10:09

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Original Size: 24.7 GB
Compressed Size: 4.54 GB (Or Re-Encoded WMV Video: 4.27 GB = 1xDVD5)
Compression Time: 4 Hours
Decompression Time: 15-20 Minutes
@Sound Files: srep:m3f:l128+7z
@Movie Files: 4x4:0
@Other Files: xZLib+srep:m3f:l512+lolz:dtb1:d512m:fba4096:mtt1:mt2:mc1023


TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 6 Trial for Re-Encoded


Repack uses XTool v9 library By Razor12911
Repack uses Srep v3.92 library By Bulat Ziganshin
Repack uses Lolz v2.1.a.7 library By ProFrager

oltjon 13-10-2018 10:51

Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna

game size 6.88 Gb
compressed game size 3.64 Gb

NOTHING ripped
NOTHING re-encoded
ALL languages

xtool 0.9 library By Razor12911
Srep v3.92 library By Bulat Ziganshin
Lolz v2.1.a.7 library By ProFrager

compression time 13.40 hours + -
decompression time 19 min + -

file.pak xtool zlib+ srep + lolz
all the rest srep + lolz

intel core i7 4 cores 2.9Mhz
6GB ram

K4miKaZe 13-10-2018 15:18

Resident Evil 0: HD Remaster & Resident Evil: HD Remaster
Here are the first two Resident Evil games that are not on the list, they are full without anything ripped. Read notes if you wish to get them lower in sizes.


Title:          Resident Evil 0: HD Remaster
Version:        v1.0 (includes all costume packs dlcs)

PC:              4 Cores 3.9GHz (up to 4.3GHz) + 8GB Ram + SSD

Ripped Files:    Nothing (Read Note to get it up to 1.03GB lower)

Original Size:  11.6 GB
Compressed Size: 5.64 GB

Method:          xZLib+srep:m3f+lolz:d128:mc1023 (Xtool 0.9)
Compress Time:  3 hours 27 minutes (12464.60 sec)
Install Time:    6 minutes

CRC Checked:    Yes

The movies on this game comes duplicated in 720p and 1080p, if you want
to make the total size smaller you have a lot of options here.
1. You can only use the 720p movies located in /nativePC/movie folder
2. Or you can use only the 1080p movies located in /nativePC/movie/pc
3. If you are unsure if you want to play in 1080p or 720p but want to use
only the 720p videos you can just copy and replace the 1080p with the 720p.

This is also great for creating separated bin files with only movies and
installing them as components. Just make a backup and play around.


Title:          Resident Evil: HD Remaster
Version:        v1.0

PC:              4 Cores 3.9GHz (up to 4.3GHz) + 8GB Ram + SSD

Ripped Files:    Nothing (Read Note to get it up to 5.32GB lower)

Original Size:  17.6 GB
Compressed Size: 9.89 GB

Method:          xZLib+srep:m3f+lolz:d128:mc1023 (Xtool 0.9)
Compress Time:  5 hours 34 minutes (20087.09 sec)
Install Time:    9 minutes

CRC Checked:    Yes

Movies on this game are duplicated too as in Resident Evil 0, but on this game
they come in 3 different variations. Read the notes on Resident Evil 0 above
to get a better idea.

/nativePC/movie/00 contains 1080p movies with 20k bitrate (3.73 GB)
/nativePC/movie/01 contains 1080p movies with  8k bitrate (1.59 GB)
/nativePC/movie/02 contains 720p movies with 6k bitrate (785 MB)

As in Resident Evil 0 you have many choices here. The best option i think
is to keep only the 720p videos and copy them to the 00 and 01 folder
so you would not have problems playing at any resolution and safe a lot
of space.

Resident Evil 2&3 coming in a few days, my original Res2 & Res3 games are German versions (bought them 20 years ago when i lived there). The main reason why i dont want to use those versions is because in Germany they are censored, that means without some cutscenes, green blood and much more things due to the German censorship. So i will get first the good versions of those games, this will take me some time. Thinking about that, what makes green blood less in violence than red blood? :D

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