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unknown_g 17-07-2001 21:36

Does anybody know a good way to protect a data cd full of .pdf files?
I'm looking for a way to protect a cd full of .pdf files in a folder on a cd. a couple of ideas i had was to stop someone from copying the files onto their harddrive or any other media but allow them to look and use them on the cd in a cd-rom. any tyoe of downloading would be prohibited.

another idea was copy protect the copy, but i don't know any real way to do that. i wanted to also stop them from copying the cd.

anybody know of any programs i can use?

tonyG 18-07-2001 05:38

lets be honest...
if what you were asking was possible then sites like this would not exist!!!

however if you have some programing abillity and you are desperate to stop people with no knowlege about copy protection try the following...

to prevent direct cd copy make intentional errors
ie have a large file at the end of the cd that you are copying and turn off the computer before the burn is finished is will give no brainers a hard time

to prevent pdf files from being accessed while not on the cd, embed the files in a viewing program that ##### certain aspects of the source and will return an error if these aspects are incorrect.

however if i was you, i wouldnt bother its to much effort for too little result...

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