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KaktoR 23-08-2017 16:48

ASIS: Advanced Simple Installer Script
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Thanks to many people.

Supported languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Czech

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Carldric Clement 23-08-2017 18:03


Originally Posted by KaktoR (Post 461918)
UltraARC by Razor12911, modified by Simorq
zTool by Razor12911

Presenting you a advanced simple inno script.

This script was made only for my private game backups. No CIU-like fancy things, no music.

Things left:
-Background for SelectDirPage and InstallingPage (for me more dificult as it sounds :D)
-Try to figure out how to properly draw shadows for TLabels
-Adding percent to ProgressBar

Fully compatible with UltraARC 2800 R2 Edition ((c) Razor12911 / Simorq) and zTool ((c) Razor12911)

Cool... I will try later... busy for job.

Malaysia language

Lawa... Saya akan cuba nanti. Sibuk ni kerja

Kobi Blade 23-08-2017 21:03

Sometimes simple is the best way, I like it.

Crynuvo 23-08-2017 21:52

Sweet & Simple. Thanks.

felice2011 23-08-2017 23:26

Simple things are the best, but few are content with simplicity.:)

KaktoR 24-08-2017 16:40

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I like it this way instead of a bitmap background. Small and easy. Maybe with a fullscreen background slideshow instead.

For DirPage... It seems that i must create a whole new CustomPage instead, because "SelectDirPage" can't be moved/deactivated somehow, or i have done something wrong. Will look on sunday.

S-Ghost 25-08-2017 14:52

thanks man i like it

mikey26 25-08-2017 16:18

nice simple clean.very nice Kaktor like this alot,maybe only add redist page before this before there a way to have a tick on "Dont create Start Menu folders from the start on the installer?i would say only add Fscreen background slideshow but nothing else to keep that clean look. :-)

Simorq 26-08-2017 05:58

Hi KaktoR
Can you add music to the script please

KaktoR 26-08-2017 06:33

Maybe later.

First i must create CustomPage for SelectDirPage, which gives me headaches at the moment :D

S-Ghost 26-08-2017 18:51

please add music and remaining time lable...

S-Ghost 26-08-2017 19:03

UltraARC 2801 R3 compatible ?

KaktoR 27-08-2017 02:30

FOr time and percent labels there seems to be a little problem with ultraarc procedure. Seems i must rewrite a bit (and keep in mind i am just an "advanced beginner" in pascal, so it could take it's time when it's done without any errors).

Should be compatible with UltraARC R3, but only common pre/compressors like pzlib, ztool and such. LZ5, MPZ for example not.

KaktoR 28-08-2017 06:49

v2 added

S-Ghost 28-08-2017 12:24

thanks man, really thank you, (please sorry for my bad english)
i modified it for music but your one is best,
thanks again !

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