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brainrecords 29-01-2004 13:06

I've got this from the net
I've found this method in the net...... could someone look if it works?“

How to burn and play PS2, and PSX games on your PS2 without a modchip”

Welcome! Thank you for ordering the “How to burn and play PS2 (Playstaton 2) games”. In this guide, you will learn the very easy method of making copies of your PS2 and normal Playstation games so that they are playable on the PS2. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to burn PS2 games.
You will need the following things to burn PS2 games:
-a computer with a cdburner
-a blank cd-r (don’t use the re-recordable type a.k.a. cd-rw)
-CDRWIN – The version in this guide is 3.8D
-FireBurner –
-PS2 patcher –
-GameShark 2 for PS2
-the GameShark 2 is available at most stores that sell video games,
a few examples would be Best Buy, Circuit City, or Target. You
want version 1.0 of the GameShark 2. I have heard that all other
versions work, but I have only tested version 1.0. GameShark2
costs about 29.95. Believe me, its worth it!!!
-and a PS2 to play the games.

Burning the PS2
The process of burning ps2 games is easy. It is really only a 3 step process.(read
the game, patch the game, and burn the game.)
1) insert game into cd drive.
2) Open up CDRWIN and click on the extract disk/tracks/sectors button.
3) Your settings should be as follows:
For “extract mode” select disk image/ cue sheet
For “read options” select “raw”
For “error recovery” select “abort”
For “jitter correction” select “auto”
For “subcode analysis” select “auto”
Data Speed and Audio Speed should be the same
For “read retry count” type 0
For “subcode threshold” type 300
Make sure you selected the drive that your PS2 game is in
Make sure you typed in the file name (just type the name of the game) and
Check the directory that you’re putting your file in.
Then just press “start”

If you get an error in the middle of reading the disk that says something like “can’t read sections xxxx-xxxxx of disk”, it is becase the disk is scratched and CDRWIN can’t read it. Try to clean the disk, if that doesn’t work you just have to use a different game (a different copy of the same game)

4) Once CDRWIN is done, click ok and then exit CDRWIN. Open up the
PS2 patcher, select the game file you just created and patch it (make
sure you select the “RAW” option.
4) Close the PS2 patcher, next open up Fireburner. Click on the visual
cue burner button. When you created your .bin file (the game file) in
CDRWIN, a .cue file should have automaticly been created. In that
case, drag and drop the .cue file into the Fireburner window. If the
.cue file was not created, just drag and drop the .bin file into the
Fireburner window. After you have done that, right click (click with
the right side button on your mouse) on your file in the Fireburner
window, and select “Burn/Test burn”.
5) In the options window that appears, select your cdwriter, select your
write speed(doesn’t really matter), and make sure you select “Track at
once (TOA) for the recording method. As for the options on the right side of the options window, make sure only the following are checked:
“eject cd” and “close session”. When you have selected the options, click ok and your PS2 game will burn. That’s all you have to do to burn a game.

Burning a Playstion (PSone) game

1) If you want, you can spend 5 minutes using the same method as above
to burn your playstation game, but its not necessary. For a playstation game (not PS2) all you need to do is use a program that lets you make an “exact copy” or a “backup disk (CDRWIN)” You don’t need any selected options, you just need to start the game on the PS2 the same way you would a PS2 game.

Starting the game on you PS2

1) Now for the fun part (and challenging part the first couple of times)
This may sound a little complicated at first, but after you do it 3 or 4
times, it’s supper easy. First things first, you must remove the front of your game drive on your PS2(not a big deal, it can snap on and off).
2) Now insert your gameshark 2 cd(make sure the gameshark memory
card is in one of the 2 slots, doesn’t matter which one.)
3) In the gameshark options, choose “start game”, then “without”. Your screen should read “Please insert game disk then press X to continue.”
4) Now this part can be trickey for beginners, so I will provide pictures
-the main purpose of this starting method is to open up the PS2 and
swap the gameshark disk with your burned game without the PS2
knowing you did it. DO NOT press the eject button on the PS2!!!
-with the PS2 cd tray cover removed, you will be able to look in and see a while tab inside the PS2. With a credit card (or something like it) gently slide the white tab all the way over to the right, if you did it correctly, this should allow you to manually pull open the PS2 cd tray.
5) Next, take the gameshark disk out of the PS2 and put in your burned
5) Gently push the PS2 cd tray fully back into the PS2 (Don’t press the
eject button).
6) Now you need to slide that white tab all the way back to the left (its
origional position). To do this you get a strong papper clip(needs to be a strong one) stick it into the PS2 on the right side of the white tab and push the tab back to the left.
7) If you pushed the tab all the way back to the left and did every thing
else right, you are ready to play your game. Just press X on your PS2 controler and watch as your burned game loads. ( It may load slower than an original game, depending on the cd-r you are using, I use Verbatim cd-r’s and have no problems.)

EVOEvo 29-01-2004 13:14

lol thats the slide card method that way is crap when playing ps2 games u dont want to go that rout it will tray ur disk tray up in time if u want to go the no mod way go with flip tops they work better then slide cards

brainrecords 29-01-2004 13:16

flip tops???
could you please expalne this to me?

U have to know that i don't know anything about Ps2 and mooding.

orion731 29-01-2004 13:55

I see that you have a Xbox v 1.0 x-ecuter 2. For the PS2 get a REAL modchip....One it won't screw up your PS2 and two, you'll be able to play all of your backups with no hassle. It might cost more now but your be sorry later if you don't do it the right way. Believe me I've spent a lot of money before I figured out the "right way". You'll thank me later.

BTW, the fliptop is basically a hole cut in the top of your ps2 allowing you to swap the game without pulling the ps2 tray out. You won't be able to boot all games and you'll need to patch a lot. Take my advice on getting a REAL chip. :)

brainrecords 29-01-2004 14:19

yeah I probably will.... but the prob is here where i live (swizerland) it's soo expensive to mod your ps2. but what can i do with the moded ps2? i mean compared to the moded X-box?

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