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BobGlass 25-10-2008 01:46

xbox game size list

noticed my last two posts havent been added to list is this list redundant now as ill stop adding sizes if it is

anyway heres the 3

dude 25-10-2008 03:12

to be honest this whole section is pretty much redundant nowadays.
i would not bother posting any more game sizes as most most if not all have either switched to a 360 or another of the so called next gen systems. and with the price of blank discs now so cheap compared to the time when this list was first created there's no longer the need to cram as many games onto a disc as there once was

nathan3011 03-12-2008 06:44

That is true that most of them have now switched over to the xbox 360 but I am quite new to the xbox having always been playstation but now i've bought an Xbox 360.

But this could still be of use to people if you can play Cheap Liability Insurance on the 360, i'm not sure if that is something that the xbox 360 can do but with the technology now would assume that most consoles are capable of playing the backwards technology?

dude 03-12-2008 08:50

yes almost all original xbox games are backward compatible with the 360. However they will not work form standard dvd5's you need to convert the game to a format the 360 will recognize and burn it to a dual layer DVD as you would a 360 backup. Only 1 game can be burned to 1 dual layer disc regardless of the size of the game and multi game discs will just not work at all on the 360.

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