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bigtonkertoys 25-08-2009 14:31

List your computer specs
AMD 3.2 Quad
Vista 64
RAPTOR 10K Cdrive
Dual 4870 ATI Cards

Joe Forster/STA 25-08-2009 14:48

What's the point?

Luciel 27-08-2009 01:05

With a spec like that he provably just wanted to boast and see if anyone had a better one?

Dont see the point really...

57ryk3r 26-04-2010 22:21

Corei7 920(2.66 oced 3.22)
1tb raid0(2 500gb hdd)
2 500gb hdd for extra storage
geforce gtx 295
9gb tri channel ddr3 ram

Just because someone had to.

dr31zehn 13-05-2021 12:20

my specs fit here but the post time doesn't
cpu: athlon 64x2 5600+ oced to 3.8ghz (on air)
gpu: hd 4870
ram: 8gb dual channel at 600mhz real clock (ddr1200) (is some shitty 266ram)
kinda feel sad now

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