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JoyBoy 31-03-2004 12:43

Games Are For Kids

TylerDurden 31-03-2004 14:54

Games Are For Kids, hmmm, yeah especially the "M" rated ones. ;)


Luciel 31-03-2004 15:54

Yeah well u see this is the whole problem of society, mum goes into the local game shop, and buys max payne, manhount or gta for her 13 year old kid, the age thingis are there for a reason and if a game is mature rating like max payne for the amount of violence or/and reference or actions of sex wich are not suitable for a 13 year old kid, most of u might think its a stupid thing this, but its how it is, and sometimes people should think about this.

JoyBoy 31-03-2004 15:57

No No No, this thread should not go down the route of kids should not be playing adult themed games (like GTA and Tellitubbies). What I meant was should adults, like me, still be playing with toys? (Video Games, consoles etc). Should only kids be allowed to enjoy Video Games?

Still a good point, Luciel.

Luciel 31-03-2004 16:01

well of course adults should play bounty, after all, its adults making the games rite? john carmack is an adult, yet he made the doom trilogy :) besides, its always good to go and play an online game with a 30 year old guy or woman that doesnt call u a cheater every time u kill them precisely cos they are not kids. So yeah U SHOULD besides im telling you GO KILL PEOPLE ONLINE NOW!!!! :P

JoyBoy 31-03-2004 16:05

Ok, what if I have now lost all interest in videogames. Is there anyway to get my enthusiasm back? Which is why I go back to my original statement, GAMES ARE FOR KIDS..
Once I feel you reach a certain age, you relise how fruitless and boring playing games really is. I'm still amazed there are people on here aged 40+ who still play games. How do YOU people do it? What motivates you?

Luciel 31-03-2004 16:10

well bounty, hm, i suppose everyone has a passion, and some passions dont die, my father is in the computer business so cos of that ive been into games since i was 5, with the likes of lemmings and aqualung or micemen and blues brothers, so the passion grows i suppose, i suppose what you need to do, is go to a big games store, not one that has a small pc section with only the known stuff, have a big look spend ur time, and eventually ull come with something new, and lately theres loads of new ideas coming out, yesterday for example i bought upling, such a simple game, no complicated graphics, yet so addictive and well made. So think about it, give the games another chance, BUT stick to pc ;) if u need any personal recommendation ill be glad to add u to my msn, since i get them free from my dads shop so i try mostly every game, see you around bounty.

JoyBoy 31-03-2004 16:24

Been playing games since I was around 3/4 years old. Now, 20 years later, I have come to relise that games are still the same now as they were back then. Despite what Graphics Whores tell ya. Been no geniune innovation for a long time. Although that Eye Toy thiniemejig is good for a laugh :p Which is what playing games should be all about. Having a Laugh. Not wasting 100 hours just to level up your character in some generic RPG. Wheres the fun in that? Sony killed it, I tell ya.

Luciel 31-03-2004 16:27

yeah ive always disliked final fantasy and the likes, what ever happened to good 'ol table rol? thats why i dont play that kinda games, i spend my time trying to figure how can i play wiht my neighbou C&C the original over modem, problem is i dont have a modem i have broadband, but im getting one so we can play direct call :)

JoyBoy 31-03-2004 16:32

Hehe, always hated those C&C Games with a passion. Perhaps because they have always been too hard for me. When I said 'Sony Killed It' I meant the Games Industry in General :p

Luciel 31-03-2004 16:35

ahaha C&C was hard but i just had to defeat the evil kane!!! didnt got further than level 13 it was just so annoying but hey. I feel like playing day of the tentacle and discworld, they were rlly the only adventure games that entertained me, broken sword was just to boring :P

Quall999 31-03-2004 21:38

Well, times change. The generations will probably be a little more stricter as time goes by, since the younger adult audiance know how games can be.

I mean, when kid's parents had games on nintendos in the late 80's/earlt 90's, and lose interest, the image of those "harmless" games stick with them. I know alot of adults in their late twenty's and early 30's that don't play games. And to know how much violence are in games, you would have to play them (aside from the news from time to time). When violent games are bought for their children, they usually don't watch them to play it long enouph to know how violent or how adult themed it may be.

Yes, the ratings are there, but parents do ignore them. And refering to my first paragraph, the ratings won't be ignored as much in the future. The people buying them for their children, are also going to be buying games for themselves. They know how much the violence and sex reference would have evolved.

JoyBoy 01-04-2004 15:22

I think the whole Games Industry is pretty stagnant at the moment, theres no truely 'amazing' games or genres left to develop. Even on the so called 'Next Generation' Platforms that are coming up in the next 2 years or so its going to be the same old tired Franchises that will be the selling points for the the respective Consoles/PC. Hence, once you played one Pro Evo, Gran Turismo, FPS or, ermmm, Tomb Raider you have played them all. Thats why only kids will get enjoyment out of any these 'new' titles.


Luciel 01-04-2004 16:36

now now bounty, u cant say doom 3 is like its predecessors can ya :)

JoyBoy 01-04-2004 17:03

DOOM 3 will be all graphics and no gameplay. Mark My Words!

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