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lolaya 25-01-2022 18:42

high end

I want a bat file and high-level compression files to use to test computers in my work.. I want a compression file that consumes 100% of the computer resources with repeated compression :)

Razor12911 25-01-2022 19:15

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lolaya 26-01-2022 08:31

(I have a computer repair shop and just look for computer problems using a computer component test) thx razor.. I try that

shazzla 26-01-2022 11:31

Or use 'CPU Stress Test' to burn your CPU to ash.:D

Joe Forster/STA 27-01-2022 02:37


Originally Posted by lolaya (Post 495562)
I have a computer repair shop and just look for computer problems using a computer component test

Why not compress a few very big files with a few parallel instances of 7-Zip? I noticed on my PC at my work place that 7-Zip eats up 4 cores. I run 7-Zip with this command line:

7z a -mx -myx -ms=off -mmt=on -stl ARCHIVE.7z FILES
And then you can even check possible RAM problems by testing the resulting archives.

(Around 2000, at my work place, we experienced strange file corruptions. It was very annoying because we distributed software installation archives to all Hungarian universities. By archiving them with ZIP, at least, corruptions were noticable by testing the archives. Later it turned out to be a buggy driver for our Ethernet cards that sometimes missed bits.)

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