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Gupta 25-12-2019 00:21

Universal CLS
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This is more like 4x4 for external compressor, it can directly read settings from arc.ini so no need to create separate ini.
Basically it runs many instances of a compressor to make it multithreaded by dividing uncompressed streams into chunks, can make some compressors like precomp quite fast by simply adding three words in compression string.

arguments (only for compress)
b -> size of the individual block in mb
t -> threads to use

for decompression, it uses maximum thread available (maybe I will add an option if I get enough requests)

Gupta 25-12-2019 00:22

I was also thinking to add support for other cls as compressors but let me see if anyone wants that, for now, this is enough xD. I am also dropping the src so maybe someone else will figure it out xD.

PsYcHo_RaGE 28-12-2019 23:19

@Gupta now it did, thanks :)
appreciate you work.

Gupta 24-01-2020 09:14

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Update Available

Speed Improvements and Bug Fixes

Gehrman 24-01-2020 12:30

please add t#p

Gupta 25-01-2020 05:57

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Update Available -

1. t#p is now supported
2. settings can be read from cls.ini for both compression and decompression
3. Some more speed optimisation and made code safer

cls.ini structure, temppath can only be changed from cls.ini, by default it considers Windows default temp dir, one can use still use commandline

DiCaPrIo 21-03-2020 23:24

can you update it in order to be used more than available threads for unpacking.

Gupta 22-03-2020 05:12

I think thread=200p or threads=any number should work

DiCaPrIo 25-03-2020 01:06


Originally Posted by Gupta (Post 484876)
I think thread=200p or threads=any number should work

sorry my mistake, it's working but only for packing and dec uses maximum available thread
can you update your tool?

github 07-02-2021 18:50

Thank you. It works very well for precomp and final compressor and is super easy to use, high compatibility and stability

github 08-02-2021 16:53

Does this tool support bcm/bcm64? If so what's the external compressor writing? Can't seem to get it to working , always say no compressor is specified or invalid parsing

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