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sharpie392 19-01-2007 10:31

i still have my unmodded hd but it is broken, i need to know were to get the auto installer and how to put it onto a drive

Quall999 21-01-2007 06:51

1. Buy a modchip, install it, and flash a hacked xbox firmware for your xbox version.
2. Buy a new IDE Hard-drive.
3. Search xbins or google for Slayers Evox Auto-Installer
4. Burn to a disk and start up on the modded xbox.
5. Follow the on-screen options to:
-format the hard-drive partitions
-install original files

We cannot tell you where to download Slayers for legal reasons.

sharpie392 02-02-2007 10:30

is there a way i can do this w/ out a mod chip?

Quall999 03-02-2007 15:10

You can do a save game mod (or a perminant softmod), however, that will require you to buy a copy of a v1 disk of 007:AUF, Splintercell 1, or Mechassult 1. Then, you need to buy an Action Replay or equivalent.

Basically, you download a hacked save that will then allow you to load Slayers and other unofficial software. You must get the save onto the xbox somehow, that is where the action replay comes in. The saves are only available on the games I mentioned above. Later releases have been patched, so you need to find an early release (used is good in this case). Greatest hits versions will not work.

sharpie392 04-02-2007 14:30

i mean, is there a way i can just use slayers auto installer on a new drive to put original xbox system files on it. In doing this will it trick the xbox into thinking it is an original xbox hdd? I want to do this without buying a mod chip.

Quall999 06-02-2007 09:35

unfortunately no. You need either a softmod or a modchip.

sharpie392 06-02-2007 10:39

what would be the best modchip to buy? i want to be able to do a heck of a lotta hardware and software mods, ex. multiple hd's, halo hacks, etc. Also how would i softmod it if i dnt have an hdd to do it with. Ive read that you can put a new hdd in and boot from a slayers disc, but i believe it wouldnt work b/c slayers is unsigned code, would it work?

Quall999 06-02-2007 10:51

Actually, softmods require a working hard-drive on the xbox ou are modding. Oddly enough I wasn't thinking about that when I mentioned it. If you have a modchip, then there is no need to do any kind of softmod.

You first need to get your xbox version:

You need to get a set of bios that work with your xbox version (search xbins)

The best modchip imo is an xecuter 2.6b, or whatever 2.6(x) version they are on. v1-1.5 are easy installs. b1.6 require some kind of tsop rebuild. I have never seen or modded a 1.6 though.

sharpie392 06-02-2007 18:55

would the xecuter lite be a good one, since it has a bios on it already?

Quall999 07-02-2007 08:19

Sorry yes. It is called the xecuter lite 2.6(x). However, you should know that xbox modchips generally do not come with the bios you need. The bios binaries are copyrighted and is illegal to distribute. Therefore, modchip producers do not put hacked MS bios files on the chips. That is also why we cannot link you to any xbox bios files.

The bios that do come on the chips allow you to boot linux, or easily flash a different set of hacked bios onto think chip. The of it as a bootloader, where you then supply the hacked bios and it will flash them to the chip for you.

sharpie392 07-02-2007 10:38

So, i need a mod chip, new hard drive, slayer auto installer, anything else, except for necessary tools? Also, would I be better off just buying a used xbox, how much do they usually go for at gamestop or ebgames?

Quall999 08-02-2007 08:55

lol, probably. After purchasing a new HDD and chip, it will cover the cost of a used xbox.

However, you gain the ability to store your games and play off the HDD and you gain the ability to run all unsigned code, like the popular Media Center application and emulators. If you simply want a working xbox and don't care about all this stuff, then just look for a used one under $100.

sharpie392 09-02-2007 10:44

ive actually thought about that, buying a new one. I would install a mod chip on it, but i could use the old one for parts. Also im desin\gning a case for my xbox and pc together, made from fiberglass and plexi glass. I want to know were to buy ide connectors and ide cable w/ out connectors already, because i will have a raid controller and such to be able to have tons of hdds. Will take me a long time to do. Have to save money for the pc and xbox + supplies. Will post pics when done, but dnt expect any soon.

sharpie392 09-02-2007 10:46

oh, and were can i buy a hdd holder for a case? found an old case and mobo in garage, but no hdd holder. wont be using old mobo, but will use case for a mold and will need parts for inside

Quall999 10-02-2007 11:53

You said that you want your xbox and PC in the same case? You should know that the xbox dvd-drive, hdd, and all other hardware cannot work with a PC. Having them both connected to the same power supply is also a bad idea if you would like to have them both powered on at the same time.

An xbox in a PC case with your pc would need to be a completely separate entity than you PC.

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