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Aeroxfan 17-12-2008 11:01

GTA IV (Savegame)
Please I need your help
I need for GTA IV savegame with 100%
I have seen the Xaero a highly charged, but the savegame fully functional to make, I still need a file
Here is an explanation:

The savegames are involved in the Games for Windows Life account tied.
You should copy the following:

1st "C: \ Documents and Settings \ <User> \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Rockstar Games \ GTA IV \ savegames \" copy and paste
2nd "C: \ Documents and Settings \ <User> \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ XLIV" copy and paste
3rd Start game, with the offline account and transferred savegames enjoy.

Please help me and sorry if my English is a bit bad I come from Austria

DABhand 17-12-2008 16:31

If you use Vista check c:\users\<your username>\local settings\app data\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\

zerbault 18-12-2008 04:17


Savegames I found on GCW do not work when I try to launch the game. I think the one who uploaded his own saves should also add the files from the Xlive folder that he can find here on XP : C:\Document and settings\YourName\Local Settings\Application data\Microsoft\Xlive

and here on Vista : C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Microsoft

Then we will be able to use savegames from other users and computers.



Aeroxfan 18-12-2008 04:26

Yes I need for the savegame files from the folder XLive
Then works!
Can one please upload the files + savegame
Would be really nice

benek666 19-12-2008 14:42

yeah please xlive folder and save game

DABhand 19-12-2008 18:43

wait why upload xlive files? Connect to Xlive to get them

benek666 20-12-2008 01:30

if the save works must copy 2 folders xlive and save game folder only save game is not works becouse xlive create profile and unicle hash code ande save game must by in this profile xlive sry bad english

Admiral_von_Traf 21-12-2008 00:20

GTA 4 Vista Savegames

i cant run other savegames like that ones u can download on GCW

is there any hint to get it run?

thanks for answers

benek666 21-12-2008 02:01

this is way works fine

yener90 21-12-2008 03:18

here is the location on vista, where you can extract it:
C:\Users(Benutzer)\Your Name\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames
choose your profile "user_e000007428336172" or like that and extrat the files sgta4...
to this folder.

DABhand 21-12-2008 03:47

there is already a thread about this with an answer in it, and this section is about game backups. Please post in the correct section next time and not decide because its the first thing you see that means its for everything PC.

TippeX 21-12-2008 05:36

thread merged, next time post in the right place Admiral_von_Traf

Admiral_von_Traf 21-12-2008 06:23

thank you guys :)

Admiral_von_Traf 22-12-2008 06:34

i tried it with that hex editor but its not working :( have anyone a other idea? or can someone upload just both folders savegames and xlive

benek666 22-12-2008 07:29 this is my save game and xlive 60 % complete have fun

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