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Razor12911 05-09-2014 13:04

Windows Phone Installer (WPI)
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Windows Phone Installer v3.1

-Inno Setup Enhanced Edition 2 Unicode is required - Download
-Design based on Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 7.5, 7.8 and 8

Link of WPI based on FMX:

Carldric Clement 05-09-2014 23:33


Originally Posted by Razor12911 (Post 433799)
[Thread Reserved]
-A programmers computer can die but doesn't prevent him/her from programming.
I found a WPI script I created on my server and I am planning sharing it with you guys but I have noticed some bugs so I have to fix it.
This script is the same one which I used for my Battlefield 4 conversion:

Great Razor12911! :D
But, Where's Screenshot? :confused:

Razor12911 11-09-2014 09:16

just check the Battlefield 4 Thread I created, anyways. I am going to take time creating this. I have to recreate the Windows Phone Technology(I like this technology, Animated Bars and etc) anyways, I first have to buy a Lumia 930 and copy the OS to this installer. what is gunny is the fact that my pc is messed up but I manage to use my brothers laptop. I forgot that I backed up somethings in his PC.

Razor12911 13-09-2014 18:19

Windows Phone v3.1 uploaded

ashhsa 13-09-2014 19:18

Just downloaded and tried compiling the script and just got this error.


line 357:
column 8:
Unknown type 'TTimer'
did I do something wrong? as I'm getting this with a lot of scripts

Dante1995 13-09-2014 19:35


Originally Posted by ashhsa (Post 434029)
Just downloaded and tried compiling the script and just got this error.

did I do something wrong? as I'm getting this with a lot of scripts

use inno setup 5.5.1 ee2 (u)


excellent execution :)

Razor12911 13-09-2014 19:46

thanks bro, I decided to use Script as ini. :D

Dante1995 13-09-2014 19:50


Originally Posted by Razor12911 (Post 434033)
thanks bro, I decided to use Script as ini. :D

o yes.. magnific! :)

Dante1995 14-09-2014 14:03

idea for you
why not use Autorun buttons for moving example

Razor12911 15-09-2014 18:32

I could add that, when I have the time. I am always busy these days.

nitrogen blaze 01-10-2014 02:05

U forgot to add [uninstalldelete] section that's why files are not deleting on uninstall. U have made a terrible mistake by giving the source code. People are publishing this without permission

Razor12911 01-10-2014 08:16

Yep mistakes happen bro, and as for People using this script for commercially will never learn anything in life, I may be jinxing things for them but it is the truth. Oh and the other reason I posted this in public it is because I wanted to share ideas on how I pulled this off, some guy backstabbed me and took the script from my server and because I am only showing a glimpse of what I can do, more scripts will be raining down later on but they will not be coming with source.

Dante1995 01-10-2014 10:53


nitrogen blaze
not interested in the creator, we also learn from people more experienced than us, no one in the world just learn typing on a keyboard ... that we learn to share our ideas, internet should be free to all, as our code, some blocks his work, you'd better get paid, I think it's the best thing, so he can eat his favorite ice cream :D

Razor12911 01-10-2014 12:25

Really bro, Ice Cream, lol. Talking from experience I see, I would rather get Pizza. Thinking of setting up an international bank account. I need to earn at least donations. I am planning a big project. I may be needing some help from you.

Dante1995 01-10-2014 20:45

you're good, you can do great things ... a good design deserves a reward by fans of conversions, maybe a complete program including compressor and perfected in the network, there are no such things, I suggest you leave the project now as well as is, and create a new installer with limitations only accessible if you contribute directly or downloaded if you contribute with a small token ($).

Sorry me English

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