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parnexcodes 15-12-2020 21:50


Originally Posted by Eduard28 (Post 487278)
I write my method in arc. ini in the [Compression Methods] section, but he doesn't pick up on the new method. only standard 5 methods remain in the program. How do I make it possible to choose from all the methods listed in the [Compression Methods] section?

Replying very late but just add those methods in custom and use it.

L33THAK0R 30-03-2021 04:22

hey how can you get this tool to utilise more of your CPU? I'm pretty new to this whole repacking/compression scene and dunno how to do things like this, sorry if this is a silly question.

Masquerade 31-03-2021 04:48


Originally Posted by L33THAK0R (Post 491169)
hey how can you get this tool to utilise more of your CPU?

If you use xtool you can change the packcmd in arc.ini from -t50p to -t100p.

50p = 50% CPU, 100p = 100% CPU.

kj911 25-04-2021 08:05

Its xTool can replaceable via old precomp038/04x exe files from unpacking? This XT.exe file not running from Win XP x86 OS. Any alternative from native x86 compatible unpacking via CLS or any files?

LOLZ unpack its working from WinXP, used with CLS-LOLZ files.

UPDATE: Checked old v0.2 package and yesss, XT.exe file its works from XP! Make, any custom compression schema from WAV files only from testing now, in few hours/days and testings first ~3.9GB's repacks archive unpacking via CMD-mode.

Hmmm, make again older NSIS-based installer from my repacks? With modded/localized SFX-based ARC unpacks and/or hibridized UI?

Example: and

any update coming soon.

kj911 01-11-2021 22:32

SREP 3.92a crashed out
Use Tiny Compressor v1.4 and found srep v3.92a x64 bug/error.

Its will compress 133404 files, with ~7.6GB input size and srep 3.92a x64 crashed out before lolz compression. (Note: xZLib unpacked temp. file size: 9.6GB)

Used commands, via arc: -mxZLib+srep+LOLZ or any variants.



LOLZ          = lolz:dt:dtb1:dtw1:dtm1:dto1:dtd1:mtt1:mt4:d128m:tt8:fba4096:mc1023

[External compressor:xZLib]
header    = 0
packcmd    = "Resources\XT" e:precomp:t50p,c128m:zlib $$arcdatafile$$.tmp $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp

[External compressor:srep]
header = 0
default = -m3f
packcmd = srep_x64 {options} $$arcdatafile$$.tmp $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp

[External compressor:lolz]
header    = 0
packcmd    = "Resources\lolz_x64" {options} $$arcdatafile$$.tmp $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp

Arc collect all files to write temporary file: OK!
compress $$arcdatafile$$.tmp via xZLib: OK!
compress $$arcdatafile$$.tmp with srep, first stage: OK!
second stage (sorting matches) processing in stuck few to 60+ percentage, crashed out.

Used any variants following srep commands, not work: m3f:a2, m3f, m2f, m2 and crashed and crashed again and again. :confused:
SREP replaced to ARC internal REP-algo, its OK. Any idea to fix?? Too many files? Replace srep 3.92a to 3.2?? Use srep v3.2 srepped data decompressible with use srep 3.92a version? (Compatible?) Or addded -ia and/or -s options from compression? Or replace the "$$arcdatafile$$.tmp $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp" to "$$arcdatafile$$.tmp - <stdout>" ??

Memory: 8GB, HDD space (from C:\): ~50GB before compression. Win 7 SP1 x64

Compressing any files set, ~60000 *.ACE files with 11.56GB input size, (xZLib unpacked temp. file: 27.8GB!) and LOLZ during compress properly handled its and OK! (~60GB HDD space eated from during compression.) Compressed ARC size smaller than 3GB.

Furjack 06-11-2021 04:22

hello can anyone help me how to create a simple .exe for this compressed file and can i change the extension to .bin plz

HYZz3N 03-12-2021 22:24

nice job
I'm newbie in file compression and I want to make some repacks.
anyone knows how to decompress these compressed files using tiny compressor
thank you all

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